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Punishment for Parties Involved in Prostitution

Punishment for Parties Involved in Prostitution

The current rise of prostitution cases has managed to get special attention from all levels of society. If you look back, the problem of prostitution is not a new thing, but it already exists, it’s just that some people turn a blind eye to this problem of prostitution.

Cases of prostitution that are currently getting public attention are cases of online prostitution carried out by artists or we can call them public figures, and one of the users of prostitution services is people who have power. prostitution services, for more information: escorts tulsa ok

Solicitation of prostitution and prostitution activities involve aspects of social, legal, health, moral, ethical norms, religion, psychology, education, and economy.

UNICEF estimates that 30% of prostitutes are women under the age of 18 around the world. Then, when asked about the reason for the perpetrators of prostitution, there is a reason that it is due to economic factors, where the perpetrator wants to get money quickly.

But are economic factors the only reason why perpetrators commit prostitution? Then what is the legal position of the perpetrators of prostitution, prostitution service providers, and users of prostitution?

Anyone who as a pimp (souteneur) takes advantage of female prostitution, is threatened with maximum imprisonment.

a pimp is an obscene broker, that is, a man whose life is as if financed by a prostitute who lives with him who in prostitution helps, finding subscribers from which he gets his share.

Then, continuing the question “what is the legal position for prostitution service providers, prostitution service users, and prostitutes? And how is the legal application to this prostitution case?” or simply, who is being punished in this prostitution case? For more information: tulsa defense attorney

Then, what about the prostitute itself and the prostitute users?

So, if there is a prostitution case where the suspect status is only given to pimps, the prostitute is called a victim who gets social sanctions and the prostitute user is placed in a position only as a witness, it is normal. Why?

Logically, as previously explained, prostitution and/or adultery is an act based on the will of all parties without any coercion from other parties, where the prostitute and the pimp get money from the prostitution activity and the service user gets what he wants from the pimp and the prostitute. . then the blame should not only be blamed on the pimp, or the prostitutes alone, but also for users of sex workers should be punished and given social sanctions like those obtained by prostitution and prostitution service providers.

For example, an artist who stumbled on a prostitution case. Where in this case the artist is declared a victim. Then, what if in this prostitution activity the artist asks the pimp to be sold to the prostitution user or customer?

So, the provisions in the law can only be used to ensnare pimps/pimps/and prostitutes. Articles that can be used to ensnare prostitute users/users are regulated in their respective regional regulations.

This prostitution activity has become a very troubling act, destroying social order, norms, and religion, and good and appropriate solutions should be sought to deal with this prostitution problem, one of which is through legal channels, especially criminal law. By including prostitution into legal terminology.

That’s all the information I can share, I hope it’s useful.