• Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Best Carpet Cleaners In Australia 2022 and Beyond

No Vac (Britiex), Carpet Power (OzKleen), Vanish and Strike were reviewed for their effectiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and satisfaction.

No Vac

No Vac was voted the best carpet cleaner in Australia for the second consecutive year. It received five-star ratings for its effectiveness, smell, ease, packaging design, value, and overall satisfaction.

No Vac wins in carpet cleaner ratings for 2 nd  years

Have you poured a glass of red wine onto your new carpet? You returned home to find that your pet dog had left a surprise present. Living rooms are often the place where the worst and most embarrassing accidents happen in the home. It’s not surprising that the living room is often the centre of the home. You can only prepare for the inevitable. It is important to have a professional carpet cleaner available to help you. Which carpet cleaners can best help?

Best Carpet Cleaners

These are the top brands of carpet cleaners available in Australia.

  1. No Vacancy
  2. Britex
  3. Carpet Power (OzKleen).
  4. Vanish
  5. Strike

No Vac is the best choice for removing stains, dust mites, and odours from carpets. This brand was rated the best carpet cleaner for the second consecutive year, earning five stars for its effectiveness, smell, ease of use, packaging design and overall satisfaction.

Britex, the runner-up, also scored full marks for value and was awarded four stars overall. This is similar to Carpet Power (OzKleen). Vanish and Strike received three stars for overall satisfaction.

How to choose a carpet cleaner that is good

Carpet cleaners are usually not used after an accident. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a product that is reliable. Carpet cleaners can be expensive so make sure you get the best value for money. Carpet cleaners can be difficult to use. They will only work if the instructions are followed exactly. Product design and ease of use are also important factors. The following factors were identified as key to customer satisfaction in our research:

  • Effectiveness: 33%
  • Value for money 23%
  • Easy to use: 14%
  • Packaging design: 11%
  • Smell: 9%
  • Environment friendliness: 9%

The survey revealed that nearly a third (39%) of respondents have used multiple carpet cleaners. Nearly a fifth (19%) purchased a product recommended by family or friends. Many Aussies are habit-oriented, according to the results. 26 per cent of respondents stayed with the same carpet cleaner brand, while 21% bought a special or the most expensive. We have compared the best carpet cleaners in Australia below.

Carpet cleaners compared

No Vacancy

No Vac is all about making carpets smell great again. There are a variety of fragrances available, including ‘Garden Breeze, ‘Purifying Breeze, and ‘Linen Breeze. For households with furry pets, there’s also a Fresh Pet Plus’ Foaming Sanitiser and Deodoriser.

It is easy to clean – simply spray light foam on the carpet after vacuuming, and let it dry. No Vac claims that its fast-drying foam penetrates carpet fibres and instantly neutralizes odours. If carpet cleaning is more urgent, No Vac offers an ‘Instant Spray & Remover’ which can remove both old and new stains, without the need to scrub, rub, or vacuum.

No Vac was able to achieve a clean sweep with five stars in terms of effectiveness, scent, ease of use, packaging design and value for money. It received four stars for its environmental friendliness.


Britex, an Australian-owned company, is a leader in carpet cleaning. You can rent a high-quality carpet cleaning machine or pick up products if you need something more simple. This specialist cleaning company offers a wide range of services to help you through the entire process, from initial carpet soak to final touches. Carpet and upholstery wipes are available for fast cleaning, as well as spot and urine removers and odour blasters. Customers can tackle any problem.

Britex scored five stars for value for money in this category and four stars for all other categories, including effectiveness, ease of use, packaging design, and overall satisfaction.

Carpet Power

OzKleen Carpet power is a carpet cleaner that works on all types of carpets, including wool carpets. It can also clean upholstery, clothing and other fabrics. Carpet Power has a lavender scent and a surfactant that claims to eliminate bad smells. The microencapsulation technology is used to eliminate any germs associated with unpleasant odours. You can purchase the trigger spray bottle in standard 500ml sizes, or online in 3L and 5L.

OzKleen Carpet Power received four stars for its effectiveness, ease of use and smell. It also received three stars for overall satisfaction.


The Vanish carpet cleaner is part of the Vanish cleaning product family. It offers a three-step solution. The power foam acts as a deodorizer and freshens the area. For tough dirt and dust, the powder solution is used. The ‘Preen Oxi Action Spray Bottle can be used to remove stains. Because of its bright pink branding, Vanish is hard to miss on supermarket shelves.

Vanish received four stars for ease of use and three stars for effectiveness, value for money, and overall satisfaction.


Strike’s range of household cleaning products is a great choice for a carpet cleaner that is affordable. Strike Carpet Cleaner can remove grease and grime and also neutralize bad odours thanks to its large foam spray. This product is only available at Woolworths in a 500g container.

Strike scored four stars in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, packaging design, scent, value for money, and cost. It received three stars for overall satisfaction and environmental friendliness.

Other carpet cleaners

Although our most recent ratings featured five main brands, there are many products worth considering. Here are a few:

Dr Beckmann

Dr Beckmann is serious when it comes to cleaning. He offers many products that can help you tackle household, laundry and textile mess. The Carpet Stain Remover boasts an Oxi-powered formula with a brush attachment that can be used to reach deep into carpets and remove tough stains. It can be used in the home and car, as well as being useful for pet owners.

Orange Power

Orange Power is another brand that aims to make carpet cleaning easy. This Australian-owned company uses only natural ingredients, including the orange peel. You can find a carpet and upholstery cleaner as well as a Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver on the supermarket shelves.